Door Repairs

SRJ Windows - Double Glazing Specialists - Cwmbran Door Repairs

Every now and then, windows and doors might need a little helping hand to maintain their efficiency.

At SRJ Windows, we not only install new windows and doors, we can repair your existing ones too.

Our repair specialists, will be able to identify and correct a problem in 99% of cases, in both residential and commercial properties.

We can also repair branded units such as Everest Windows, Bowater, Staybrite, Anglian and many more.

Window & Door Repairs

Basic maintenance of windows and doors is not only recommended, it is liable to prolong the lifespan of the products.

Worn parts, dropped doors and sticking handles or locks, are just some of the problems that are often encountered, all of which can be fixed by our friendly and professional team.

It really is worth getting these faults repaired as soon as possible, as this prevents further damage and the need to replace the entire window or door.

SRJ Windows - Double Glazing Specialists - Cwmbran Window Repairs

Draughts & Leaks

It’s never pleasant when your home becomes cold, damp and unwelcoming, with chilly draughts or leaks. These are often seen in doors, windows and even conservatory roof panels over time and more often than not, can be fixed with little or no fuss.

The cause of the fault could include worn seals, faulty or worn hinges or even a slipped roof panel. Just give us a call today and our repair specialists will be happy to help.

Faulty Hinges & Locks

Windows and doors are only as good as the hinges they rely on. if the hinges slip, or break, there is little chance of the unit operating properly, or efficiently. It is therefore, extremely important to get this repaired as soon as possible.

Worn hinges are a common problem and nothing to be greatly alarmed about.

They will however, place added strain on the remaining hinges, causing damage and possible breakage over time. Worn hinges can cause misalignment of the door or window, often preventing it from shutting or locking properly.

SRJ Windows - Double Glazing Specialists - Cwmbran Door Repairs