Window Repairs

As well as being unsightly, a broken window can be a security risk and may invalidate your insurance. It can also allow heat out, or cold air and rain in. So it’s important to get the window mended as soon as possible.

Our same-day response means that you don’t have to spend the night lying awake worrying if someone is breaking in. In the shortest possible time, we will have repaired your window and your security will be safeguarded. We have the skills to deal with every kind of window

SRJ Windows - Double Glazing Specialists - Cwmbran Window Repairs

Windows come in a huge range of styles – period houses may have sash or casement windows and some flats and houses have windows that slide horizontally or vertically, while other models “tilt and turn”. Some are double glazed and others have traditional glass.

Not surprisingly, window repairs are therefore not always straightforward. You need a repairer who has plenty of experience, so that they have encountered all kinds of different repair requirements. They also need the expertise and craft skills to make a repair that is carried out quickly and is effective, especially in terms of security and insulation.

For listed buildings and those with particular architectural styles, we can provide a repair service that is sympathetic to the existing window treatments. Our crafts people understand period homes and their windows, so you can be confident in their work.

We Won’t Take Advantage of Your Emergency

Because of the possible security risk, a window repair often counts as a household or business emergency. At SRJ Windows, we don’t take advantage of this – we don’t charge a call-out fee and we don’t even make you pay a deposit for your repair.

We have earned an excellent reputation across South Wales, so you have peace of mind that you are employing a company that really cares. We will work on a fixed fee basis – you only pay the pre-agreed amount, no matter how difficult the job turns out to be!